Useful Info at a Glance

Knowledge adds spice to your life. During our “Subterranean Classroom”, students experience a truly exciting day out of school – with educational benefits to last a lifetime.

So that you can plan your "Subterranean Classroom" perfectly, on this page we have compiled important information and the most frequently asked questions for you. Have even more questions or do you need assistance in planning the details of your school trip? The team here at Salzburg Salt Mine is always here for you.

Before getting started: Useful information at a glance

  • For what age group is the "Subterranean Classroom" intended? The themes addressed in the "Subterranean Classroom" are ideal for children ages 6 to 15.
  • How long does the full program last? The "Subterranean Classroom" lasts about 1.5 hours – not including a visit to Salina Celtic Village on the Dürrnberg.
  • How many people can participate in the "Subterranean Classroom" at the same time? In order to give you and your group optimal attention, we limit group size to 50 people. If groups are divided up, the subsequent group begins their tour about 30 minutes later. Our tip: Use the time while you are waiting to visit SALINA Celtic Village - this authentic replica of a Celtic village is located right next to the Salt Mine itself.
  • What else should we be aware of Temperatures inside Salzburg Salt Mine are a relatively constant 10 degrees Celsius. Which means, regardless of the weather or season, the mine is always rather cool. In other words, you and your pupils should wear warm clothing as well as a pair of sturdy shoes. Do that and nothing more will stand in the way of a totally relaxed visit to our mine!

The Mine Quiz: Win 150 euro for your class activity fund!

How did prehistoric mining work? Who was the "Man in Salt" really? And what does salt from the Dürrnberg have to do with the wealth of Salzburg City? Questions your students will know the answers to thanks to our “Subterranean Classroom” and our expert guides. And if all of the questions in our “Mine Quiz” are answered correctly, you even have the chance to win 150 euro for your class activity fund! The question sheet is available at the Salt Mine ticket office.

Information for Teachers

Now is the perfect opportunity to make reservations for your school class, guaranteeing you will be able to schedule your trip at the time that works best for you. With no stress and no waiting in line. Contact us by email to or phone +43 61 32 200 8511 to register your class with the Salt World Team. We look forward to hearing from you.