Prices & Opening Times at Salzburg Salt Mine

Are you looking for the prices and opening times for Salzwelten Salzburg?

Right now, not a single (salt)stone has been left standing on another at our Salt Mine! In the course of a six-month remodeling phase, the hard-working miners of Salinen Austria AG are breathing a whole new soul into the Dürrnberg salt mine. But by April 2021, they will have finished putting a fine new sheen on all the salt crystals and you will be able to find the most important information for your visit to our fascinating excursion destination in Salzburger Land right here!

Questions for customer service?

Even during the remodeling phase, our service team will be there for you. Feel free to contact us by email to or phone us at +43 (0) 6132 200 2400.

Closed, but want to keep an eye on us anyway?

Would you like to follow the remodeling project and peek over the miners’ shoulders as they go about their work? On our social media channels, you will find weekly updates from below and above ground: 

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Our Prices: everything you need to know at a glance

Here you will find a clear overview of admission prices for Hallein Salt Mine. Whether you prefer to enjoy the salt mine alone or with your whole family, with a tour group or a school class - on this page, we have compiled complete pricing information. And thanks to our practical online ticketing system, all the fascination of the salt mines is just one click away!

Adults€ 30.00
Children (ages 4-15, under 4 not permitted)€ 15.00
2 adults + 1 child€ 61.50
2 adults + 2 children€ 73.50
Singles ticket (e.g. 1 adult + 1 child)€ 31.00
Each additional child (with family or singles ticket)€ 12.00
Seniors (with ID)€ 27.00
Students (with ID)€ 27.00
Groups of 20 or more (every 21st person free)€ 27.00
School groups WITHOUT registration (every 11th pupil free)€ 15.00
School groups WITH registration (every 11th pupil free)€ 12.00

Extras with Your Salt Mine Ticket

Your Salt Mine Ticket comes with added benefits. Several, in fact. For the perfect finishing touches to your day focused on salt! You discover the salt story and the world of Celts playfully on the Celtic Mountain. While you stand like a Celt in the Celtic Village built true to the original, our AR researcher app will introduce you virtually to life as it was over 2500 years ago. Switch on your smartphone and away you go.

  • SALINA Celtic Village: Immerse yourself in the world of the Celts - at Salina Celtic Village on the Dürrnberg, constructed to replicate the original as closely as possible. With your Salt Mine Ticket, admission is free.
  • BAD ISCHLER Salt Manufactory: In Austria's only saltworks open to the public, you will discover the secret of how pyramid-shaped salt crystals grow from the brine. You will see how carefully the salt is scooped out by hand. With your Salt Mine Ticket, admission is free.
  • Celtic Museum in Hallein: See original pieces from Celtic times. Discounted admission to the Celtic Museum in Hallein with your Salt Mine Ticket.

Our ticket can be redeemed within 7 days in the Celtic Village "SALINA" and in the Celtic Museum Hallein.

Prices & Opening Times: everything at a glance

  • Payment options: You may pay for your salt mine tickets in cash, by credit card, ATM or EC-Card.
  • Length of tour: Our tours take about 80 minutes.
  • Before the tour: Please plan to arrive a little ahead of your actual tour time. We expect to see you at the ticket window about 15 minutes prior to the start of the tour.
  • Age restrictions: We are happy to welcome children ages 4 and up at the salt mine. Please be aware that younger children are not permitted to ride into the mountain.
  • Animals may not be taken into the mountain.
  • Wheelchairs: We regret that the tunnels in the mine are not wheelchair-accessible.
  • Tour distance: During the tour, you will cover a distance below ground of about 1.5 km, so be sure you are comfortable walking that distance on foot.
  • Other things you should know: For safety reasons, the mine may only be entered as part of a guided tour. The temperature inside the mountain is a relatively constant 10 degrees Celsius. For this reason, and to make your visit to the salt mine more comfortable, we recommend wearing warm clothing and sturdy shoes regardless of the weather or time of year.

The Salzwelten Audio Guide App

Before beginning the tour of the salt mine, we suggest downloading the “Salzwelten Audio Guide” app to your smartphone or tablet, which will enable you to enjoy the tour in your own native language – it’s quick, easy and, above all, FREE!

Available in these languages:
 D / E / I / F / SLO / CZ / SK / H / RU / JAP / Mandarin / ES / AR / HEB

Thanks to our free Wi-Fi, you can also download the app once you are here.

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