Hallstatt Skywalk - Viewing platform above Hallstatt Between Heaven and Earth

Here, 360 meters above the rooftops of Hallstatt, time briefly seems to stand completely still. When you step out onto this imposing viewing platform, walk the 12 meters out to its tapered point, rest your hands on the railing and gaze out on the untamed natural beauty before you – that’s when you will understand exactly what we mean.

It looks breathtakingly beautiful, seemingly jutting out into nothingness: The “World Heritage View” lookout platform was officially dedicated in 2013 and has been a magnet for visitors from every corner of the globe ever since. No wonder: When you stand on the “Skywalk”, Hallstatt lies right there at your feet. You look down on the world-famous World Heritage town, the cradle of the Hallstatt Period. Sparkling mystically, Hallstätter See nestles up against the medieval town like a fjord, flanked wonderfully by the spectacular panoramas of the Dachstein.

Cradle of the Hallstatt Period

The Skywalk is located on the Salzberg outside Hallstatt, directly below a former defensive tower known as the “Rudolfsturm”. From here, the views of UNESCO World Heritage Region Hallstatt-Dachstein-Salzkammergut are especially impressive. And it makes you wonder how people over 7000 years ago perceived this same region. Even back in prehistoric times, the Hallstatt High Valley provided a working and living habitat for miners and their families. Actually, it was pure chance that the graves of these former mining families were discovered, during gravel digging that was being undertaken in the middle of the 19th century, in 1846 to be precise. We owe it to a mine operations manager in Hallstatt at that time, Johann Georg Ramsauer, that detailed records of these original excavations still exist, records which were kept in cooperation with the Hofkammer in Vienna. Ultimately, these finds would give their name to an entire époque of human history: Around the world, the years of the Late Iron Age between around 800 and 400 BC would become known as the “Hallstatt Period”.

Attractions in the Hallstatt High Valley

  • Panorama Lift
  • "World Heritage View" Skywalk lookout platform
  • Exhibition in the Rudolfsturm (Johann Georg Ramsauer)
  • Exhibition in the Knappenhaus (life & work of miners in the 19th century)
  • Theme path through the grave fields  
  • Audio guides in 13 languages, available at the ticket window
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Experience History – and so much more

When you visit the high valley above Hallstatt, you have many different ways to explore this unique part of the world. The Salzberg funicular will bring you up to 838 meters above sea level in a matter of minutes. Then, roam in the footsteps of prehistoric settlers, across green meadows and into forests with huts that have been accurately reconstructed true to their ancient predecessors. Discover the famous grave fields or take a walk along the “Brine Pipeline Path”, next to the world’s oldest pipeline. During summer in the high valley, you are also likely to make the acquaintance of a number of small wooly companions – in this region, the farmers drive their sheep up here in the warmer months to graze on the mountain grasses. As you gaze out on these four-legged splashes of white dotted across the meadows, it is a special moment of joy for everyone, not just our youngest guests.

Additional Information

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