Useful Info at a Glance

Learning with long-lasting results the kids will never forget: During the “Subterranean Classroom”, your students will get to experience an exciting, educational day out of school. Here you will find complete information and the most frequently asked questions about your educational trip to the Salt Mine.

So that you can plan your "Subterranean Classroom" perfectly, on this page we have compiled important information and the most frequently asked questions for you. Have even more questions or do you need assistance in planning the details of your school trip? The team here at Hallstatt Salt Mine is glad to help. You can reach us by sending an email to or simply phone us at +43 61 32 200 2400. We look forward to seeing you soon at your "Subterranean Classroom in Hallstatt Salt Mine!

Before you get started: Useful info at a glance

    • For what age group is the "Subterranean Classroom" intended? The themes addressed in the "Subterranean Classroom" are ideal for children ages 6 to 15.
    • How long does the full program last? You and your class will spend approximately 3 hours at Hallstatt Salt Mine.
    • How long does the guided tour last? A guided tour part of the "Subterranean Classroom" takes around 90 minutes.
    • How many people can participate in the "Subterranean Classroom" at the same time? In order to give you and your group optimal attention, we limit group size to 50 people.
    • And if it's raining or snowing? One of the big advantages of a school trip to Hallstatt Salt Mine is that your excursion doesn't depend on well-meaning weather gods. Whether a hot summer's day, an unsettled spring morning or a rainy day in autumn: In Hallstatt Salt Mine, you are protected from the weather, so you can plan your trip for whatever time of year you prefer.
    • In which languages are the guided tours offered? Our standard tours are offered in German and in English.
    • We are coming by bus. Where can we park? Please use the public bus parking areas. We will refund the bus parking fees at the Salt Mine ticket window.
    • What else should we be aware of? Temperatures inside Hallstatt Salt Mine are a relatively constant 8 degrees Celsius. Which means, regardless of the weather or season, the mine is always rather cool. In other words, you and your pupils should wear warm clothing as well as a pair of sturdy shoes. Do that and nothing more will stand in the way of a totally relaxed visit to our mine!

    The Mine Quiz: 150 euro for your class coffers!

    How old is Europe’s oldest wooden staircase? How did prehistoric salt mining function? And what do we actually know about the “Man in Salt”? Questions your students will know the answers to thanks to our “Subterranean Classroom” and our expert guides. And if all of the questions in our “Mine Quiz” are answered correctly, you even have the chance to win 150 euro for your class activity fund! The question sheet is available at the Salt Mine ticket office.

    Information for Teachers

    Now is the perfect opportunity to make reservations for your school class, guaranteeing you will be able to ride up to Hallstatt high valley at the time that works best for you. With no stress and no waiting in line. Contact us by email to or phone +43 61 32 200 2400 to register your class with the Salt World Team. We look forward to hearing from you!

    The complete school program is available here for download.