Learning for Life: School Packages at the Salt Mine

Observing in detail the 1200 skulls in the eerily beautiful Charnel House, marveling at fascinating ice and rock formations in the world-famous Giant Ice Cave, embarking on an exciting journey back in time within the framework of "Hallstatt 7000", and so much more: Thanks to our special combo offers, learning becomes a true adventure!

Special Salt World Offers for Schools

From our special combo offers for schools, select the one that’s best for your class. Each program includes a visit to the mystical Hallstatt salt mine itself. Still have questions? Our Salt World Team is always more than happy to answer all of your questions and share a few of their own personal tips.

Hallstatt 7000: an exciting journey back to the Hallstatt Period

This project was developed by the Prehistoric Department of the Vienna Natural History Museum along with Hallstatt Salt Mine especially for school classes. In other words, you can be certain that the program is tailored to the specific needs of your students – a fascinating and exciting journey back to the Hallstatt Period!

Basic program (below ground): 26 EUR per person (every 11th person free)

Supplemental program (above ground) - in combination with the basic program or a regular Salt World tour: 10 EUR per person (every 11th person free)

Price Combo Offer (above and below ground: 34 EUR per person (every 11th person free)

Salt & Ice Ticket: a history of salt and ice

This full-day program includes two highlights of the Dachstein-Salzkammergut World Heritage Region: Hallstatt Salt Mine and Dachstein Cave World with its world-famous Giant Ice Cave and the immense Mammoth Cave. Immerse yourself in the story of salt and ice, and, together with your pupils, experience an unforgettable day in Upper Austria.

Price: € 31.50 per person
(every 11th person free)

Guided Tour of Hallstatt: eerily beautiful walk through town

Hallstatt is a town that breathes history. Picturesquely situated next to the deep-blue waters of Hallstätter See, this corner of the world has held a seemingly magical attraction for people for thousands of years. This combo package will give you and your students a great opportunity to get to know the town of Hallstatt better. You will stroll through the lanes, past medieval houses and alongside the famous lake. One highlight of this package is a visit to the Hallstatt Charnel House, with its more than 1200 skulls. An eerie-yet-beautiful experience you won’t soon forget.

Price: 21.50 EUR per person
(every 11th person free)

Hallstatt Museum: Welcome to Our Time Machine

All aboard! We are about to begin a journey through time, from the Stone Age to the present day. During this program for school groups, your students will get to know – with the help of multimedia technology – the unique history of Hallstatt and learn all about the “Cradle of the Hallstatt Period".

Price: 19.50 EUR per person
(every 11th person free)

World Heritage Activities: Experience the UNESCO World Heritage region up close

Want to immerse your students completely in the history of the UNESCO World Heritage Region Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut? Present lots of intriguing information and fascinating details to your kids, packed in an instructive and variety-packed weekly program? If so, we’d like to introduce you to “World Heritage Activities”.

Price: on request

Catching on to Salt

In our knowledge forum “Catching on to Salt”, you can download a variety of documents to help your students learn all about this mineral that is so vital for life itself.