Traces of the Past Archaeological hotspot Hallstatt

Archaeological finds from the distant past exercise a special fascination over people. They lead us back to virtually forgotten times. And those with the skills to interpret them, are able to coax all kinds of fascinating stories out of the bones, fragments and shards they have unearthed. Hallstatt, as a particular archaeological hotspot that includes a grave field and salt mine, offers us an extraordinary number of such historical treasures.

Which is why, every year researchers from the Vienna Museum of Natural History come to Hallstatt to conduct archaeological digs. Deep inside the Salzberg, for example, due to its unique environmental conditions even organic materials, which have withstood the passage of time virtually undamaged, continue to be found. Remnants of tools and equipment permit a detailed reconstruction of work processes inside prehistoric mines. And give us insights into a world that would otherwise have remained hidden from us forever.