An Adventure awaits! in our "Subterranean Classroom"

How did salt get into the mountain in the first place? And what was the daily work routine like for prehistoric miners? Answers to these and many other questions are brought to you in the “Subterranean Classroom”. At original historical locations, amid glistening salt crystals and on the shore of a salt lake, you and your students will learn interesting, fun and surprising details about the theme of “salt”. Experience how history comes to life, in the “Subterranean Classroom”!

The things you learn “stick” in your brain better when you can combine theory with practice. That’s something teachers know very well. At Altaussee Salt Mine, theoretical topics take concrete shape - in the form of mysterious tunnels full of glistening rock salt, exhilarating miners’ slides, and a mystical salt lake, on whose shores you feel as if you are in a completely different world.

History you can touch – and experiment with
But the “Subterranean Classroom” isn’t only a memorable visual experience. Our excellently trained mine guides will reveal to you and your pupils the history of the mine, explain the technical aspects of mining for salt, tell you about the hard life led by miners, and share countless other astonishing stories with you. Each school class receives their own salt experimentation bag, stuffed with a wide range of items, supplemental information and instructions for experiments. With this as a foundation, our young researchers can then reinforce what they learn, both here in the mine as well as back in their own classroom.

All-inclusive with the "Subterranean Classroom"

We want you and your students to feel completely comfortable while you are here. In order to guarantee your kids an exciting day and provide a solid foundation for further study, the Salt Mine Team has come up with a number of excellent ideas.

Amongst other things, every class receives a special "Salt Mine Package", which includes:

  • a "Salt Researcher Bag"
  • various salt products
  • detailed information about the theme of salt
  • instructions for a variety of experiments
  • a small salt shaker for every child
  • an A2-size annual planner with class photo as a souvenir of these extraordinary lessons below ground

Welcome to the "Subterranean Classroom" at Altaussee Salt mine - a learning experience more exciting than you ever imagined possible!

Information for Teachers

No waits for your students: Make arrangements in advance so you don't lose any valuable time. Register your class for the salt mine by sending an email to our Salt Mine Team at or phoning +43 6132 200 2400. You will be able to arrive with your class and enter the mountain immediately at the time you have chosen. With no stress and no standing in line.

The complete current program for school groups can be downloaded here.