Of Team Spirit and Cohesion Group Excursions to the Salt Mine

There are many excursion destinations, of course. But the Salt Mine lends itself especially for outings with colleagues, friends and fellow club members. Not least because this underground world of ours isn’t affected by the weather at all – the temperatures are constant year-round and even the rain can’t touch you! You will get to enjoy the unique natural wonders inside the mine, accompanied by exciting stories from long ago. And last but not least, we are more than happy to make all the arrangements for your group visit. So that you can stay completely focused on everything our “Mountain of Treasures” has in store.

Whether a company outing, club trip or team-building event: At Altaussee Salt Mine, with many different group offers to choose from, you can be certain of finding the one that's right for you! And before setting out, you'll never have to worry about the weather - inside our salt mine, the temperatures are essentially the same year round. You won't even have to give a second thought to the organization either: Simply choose your preferred group package in advance. Then we will plan the full day's program on your behalf. With us, you save time and can always direct your questions or wishes to a single point of contact. Billing couldn't be any easier either.
Whether you are walking through tunnels carved out of pure rock salt, slithering down wooden slides deep into the heart of the mountain, or exploring the mystical salt lake as if you were another planet – together with a group, it is all twice as much fun. Shared experiences forge bonds, something even the miners understood many centuries ago – and continue to do so to this day.

Miners, a close-knit society

One for all and all for one. That held true for the musketeers, and for the miners even long before that. In the face of such hard and dangerous work below ground, team spirit, cohesion and reliability were often a matter of life and death. And to this day, these are the pillars upon which teamwork is based.

And the bombs lay ready ...

Also in more recent history, solidarity has shown itself to be of central importance to miners in Altaussee. In the dark final days of the Second World War, the miners here demonstrated true heroism: Ultimately, it was they who brought art treasures valued at around 3.5 billion US dollars to safety. And saved them from complete destruction at the hands of fanatical National Socialists.

Where else, then, if not right here in the tunnels of this historic "Mountain of Treasures", would you get to sense the magic of this close-knit group of men, the team spirit that has bonded people over the course of centuries.

Welcome to extraordinary group experiences. Welcome to the Altaussee Salt Mine!


The Salzwelten Audio Guide App

Before beginning the tour of the salt mine, we suggest downloading the “Salzwelten Audio Guide” app to your smartphone or tablet, which will enable you to enjoy the tour in your own native language – it’s quick, easy and, above all, FREE!

Available in these languages: D / E / I / F / SLO / CZ / H / RU / ES / HEB / LIT / SK

Thanks to our free Wi-Fi, you can also download the app once you are here.

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Important Information

No need for your group to stand waiting in line: Make advance reservations for your group with the help of our team at Altaussee Salt Mine, and never waste a precious second of time! A great way to get your group outing off to an absolutely relaxed start. Just the way it's supposed to be.

Here you will find our current group excursion program for download.