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are closed until further notice. Our third excursion destination in Salzburg is also closed due to re-staging until April 2021. You will find the latest information here on our website and on our social media channels in the near future. ⚒

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Salt Mine Adventures: Three excursion destinations for the whole family

The three Salzwelten salt mines in Austria are definitely amongst the top sightseeing attractions in Salzburg, Upper Austria and Styria. Here, you will experience first-hand the fascination that salt has held for people for thousands of years. 

Feel the magic of the distant past as you immerse yourself in magical worlds filled with glistening salt crystals, mystical salt lakes, exhilarating miners’ slides and mysterious tunnels, where history is brought back to life. Welcome to a fascinating realm deep below ground. Welcome to the Salzwelten!

The three salt mines in Austria: in all weather - the ideal excursion destination

Salzwelten is comprised of three different salt mines, two of which are the oldest of their kind: 

You will quickly see: Each of the three mines has its own history and its own area of focus. But all three have one thing in common: They create a playful connection between history, culture and adventure, offering an unforgettable experience for big and small.

Salzwelten Salzburg

A true adventure, not only during holiday season. Awaiting visitors close to Salzburg are mysterious mine tunnels. With its subterranean salt lake, exciting miners’ slide and a ride on the mine train, this salt mine has been enthralling guests from Austria and around the world for over 400 years. Our tours are a wonderful experience for the whole family, especially on the weekend!

Salt from Austria and Bavaria brought the archbishops of Salzburg enormous wealth and made the magnificent architecture of the historic district possible. That said, even the ancient Celts exploited the seemingly inexhaustible abundance of salt in Hallein.

A genuine sightseeing attraction is SALINA Celtic Village right next to the salt mine itself. Together with archaeologists, numerous huts were built with an eye to every detail, providing realistic insights into the world of the Celts.

Inside the newly bult Salt Manufactory at the Celtic Village, children and adults learn all kinds of fascinating information about salt production, including how salt is extracted from the brine pumped  out of the ground. A perfect family outing whether rain or shine. Summer and winter, the temperature in our salt mine is a constant 8 degrees Celsius! Also ideal for group visits or company trips, with free bus parking included. 

Attention: The Salzburg Salt Mine is closed until April 2021 due to re-staging.

Salzwelten Hallstatt – The oldest salt mine in the world

Archaeological Showcase – an unforgettable excursion through 700 years of salt history

A small funicular, the Salzbergbahn, carries visitors to the historic high valley above Hallstatt. We suggest dedicating an all-day excursion to exploring the high valley with the help of an audio-guide app along with the salt mine.

Our guests enjoy breathtaking views from the Skywalk lookout platform out across the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt. Picturesque Hallstättersee, a lake nestled in the midst of the Salzkammergut region, is guaranteed to thrill selfie addicts and professional photographers alike.

Deep inside the world’s oldest salt mine, guests learn fascinating facts about the development of salt mining as well as the famous “Man in Salt”, who was discovered by miners back in the year 1734. Modern presentations of significant points of interest guarantee boredom is never an issue.

During the main holiday period and in collaboration with archaeologists from the Vienna Natural History Museum, a superlative holiday program is offered. Entitled “Hallstatt 7000”,  participants can look forward to a fascinating and highly instructive all-day program. No matter whether rain or shine: individual visit, family outing or a scientific excursion – We guarantee an unforgettable experience!

Salzwelten Altaussee

Located in the Salzkammergut region of Styria is the biggest still-active salt mine in Austria. Kilometers-long tunnels through pure rock salt created by salt mining promise our visitors an unforgettable experience. Miners’ slides are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all guests, not only during guided family tours. The tour also takes a spiritual turn when guests pay a visit to the St. Barbara Chapel, hewn out of the rock salt 700 meters below ground. A very popular event location and famous sightseeing attraction is the subterranean salt lake with a lake stage.  

The mysterious mine tunnels also have a dark side. During World War II, the National Socialists hid looted art objects inside the deep tunnels of the salt mine. The daring tale of how the treasures were saved by the miners of Altaussee is recounted during guided tours, as is the history of salt mining. For visitors with a particular interest in history, we offer special tours in July and August entitled “Bombs on Michelangelo”.  

This popular excursion destination also dedicates space to art and culture. Every year, rotating cartoon exhibitions entitled “Kunst am Steinberg” are shown in the small museum on the first floor.